AEIS /小学 /中学 /O水准: 科学 /数学 /英文 一对一上门补习/家教


你们好,我是杨老师。我毕业于新加坡理工学院 (Singapore Polytechnic) 和新加坡南洋理工大学”应用科学系” (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Bachelor of Applied Science)。





小一 / 小二: 英文+数学

小三 /小四 /小五 / 小六:  科学+数学+英文

中一 /中二 : 数学 + 科学(物理 /化学 )/ 英文

中三/中四(O水准): 数学+高级数学+科学(物理)



如果你的孩子需要补中三 /中四 /O Level / A Level 英语,我的太太会比较适合教。她毕业于新加坡国立大学文科系(National University of Singapore)。她拥有多年的语言教学经验

如果你想了解更多,请联络我 (杨老师) 90262070。在第一堂课,我也会带我的文凭和有关质料让你检查 






小学三年级学生: Craig






AEIS 学生:Xinyi


Pass Years Feedback

Secondary 3 & 4 Student: Ashnee

“Thanks Mr Yeo, for your effort to keep me motivated in my studies. Under his guidance, I have achieved 2 consecutive years of HOD Maths Award. Maths used to be a dry and tedious subject in the past but now, he has made it so interesting and fun.”

Sec 3 & 4
Compassvale Secondary School

Secondary 4 Student: Ashwahi

“Mr.Yeo tutored me in Maths as well as Physics for O levels. He taught me the applications of what I was learning in such a way that I understood the concepts of physics fully, thus could apply the concept in calculation questions easily. After that I was able to completely do all sorts of physics questions and had developed a strong interest in the subject. He was very patient with me for my Maths and taught me all the different type of problems possible and the different methods to solve them. He developed in me a strong interest for doing A Maths questions. He was clear and engaging. He not only inspired me to learn, but he made each session enjoyable and exciting.”

Ashwahi Rai
Sec 4, ‘O’ Levels
Outram Secondary School
(Results: Science-A1, Maths-A2)